Learning Core

We practice a balanced learning approach to ensure holistic children development.


"Fun thematic approach"

Children are exposed to learning and problem solving through self-initiated activities and teacher's guidance. They are free to move around, choose their activities and play with other children in class. They also have lots of time for exploration and imaginative activities. These experiences will 

create deeper learning experiences for them to remember and internalise.


"Preparation for school"

To ensure children are ready for school, we will teach them how to read, count, write and learn essential subjects such as science, islamic & general knowledge.  Our curriculum is designed after the Malaysian Kurikulum Standard Pra Sekolah.  All activities will be done in class and there will be no homework required. 


"Preparation for life"

Children from different ages will be grouped together in the same class to foster peer-to-peer learning. They can learn, teach one another and develop life skills such as inclusion and acceptance.  Other than that, role playing will also help children learn to handle real life situation & practice manners.

All activities, programs & interactions with your child are aimed to develop these

9 essential skills during early childhood.

English is the medium language for most of our learning programmes.

As children’s nature is to play, all our activities will be creative and fun!